Norton Bowling Club
When the committee was elected, certain pledges were made to the members of the club.
To ensure that these pledges are honoured, we have listed them below, so that any progress made can be openly monitored.
The PromiseThe truth
Working together in a coherent, amicable way, with focus on bowling accessibility.If this means making bowling accessible to disabled people, then why has no ramped access to the green been provided, even though the club recieved a sizeable grant from Sport England to do so way back in 2013?
Listening to the needs and aspirations of all club members.Why then where members who had requested a Special General Meeting to discuss a vote of no confidence in the committee, denied the chance to speak at the meeting that they requested?
Adhering to the Club's Constitution and Rules and those of the Leagues in which we play.Using the rules to stifle any dissent or unwelcome criticism by steam-rollering in the new committee.
Encouraging the use of the Cic (Cricket Club) for all ancilliary social events22 pie & peas for the Annual Presentation Evening, 19 attendances for the  recently introduced Beetle Drive
Supporting Jack Mee in his sterling work as Hon Treasurer and on the board of CiCYawn! As we always did anyway.
Respecting the memory and example of past members in whose steps we follow: Norma Shaw, World Champion: George Turley, England Outdoor Fours Team: Eric Davies, Joan Mason, County Players: Eric McIntosh, Secretary for many years: and lots of others!Such as not realising that George Turley was also a World Champion. Such as mispelling the name of Eric DAVIS.
Continuing the good practices of previous secretaries in the administration of the clubAgain, goes without saying ..........
Strengthening both Mens' and Ladies' representation on the committee to ensure the smooth running of our facilities.It was the previous secretary that put forward a motion to ensure that a representative from among the ladies had a seat on the committee. Or are we going to see something ground-breaking from the new committee?
Organising and supervising the annual programme of eventsSuch as cancelling the Mens Championship Competitions through lack of interest?
Promoting and raising the profile of the club to gain new recruits, sponsorship and to enhance our standing locallySuch as virtually ignoring those lovely people from Norton Squash Club, who have been coming for taster sessions on Monday evenings. I suppose your little competition that was re-instated by the previous committee was too important to drag you away from.
Maintaining the green and grounds to the high standard already achieved through the hard work of the two Brians, other volunteers and the Ground Staff during the past five years. SynersThis is a job for doers, not sayers. Sure looks like Dave Geldart, Dave Cook & J.J. are going to have a lot of work on their hands. Good luck fellas.
Of course you could just take all this drivel for what it really is, or you could join a bowling club that does its best to live up to what you as a member would expect. The solution is simple, just click on the link below.